Frequently Asked Questions

What is a riding group, and how is it different from a riding club or motorcycle club?
There are some interesting nuances about motorcycle clubs. The simple answer is that a riding GROUP is the least formally organized of the three. A riding group like Shifting Gears simply consists of motorcycle enthusiasts who like to ride with friends. No dues, no politics, no headaches. Just riding.

What kind of motorcycles are allowed?
Anything street legal and reliable. From Harleys to Hondas, and from touring bikes to dual sport bikes, trikes, even maxi-scooters — we have it all. Keep in mind that we do go on some long-distance rides, and sometimes mountainous, curvy roads. Make sure the rides you attend are ones your bike can handle.

What skill level do I have to be?
We have novice riders and experienced riders alike. If you feel uncertain, contact us, and we’ll even set up a time for someone to coach you through the basics of group riding.

How much does it cost to join?
Zip, zero, nada. Just come and be friendly and respectful, and you’ll fit right in!

How do I join?
Just show up for a ride or two! You will be welcomed! Again, no dues, no formal membership. Just a group of friends who like to ride together.

Where do you ride, and for how long?
All over! Most of our rides are to interesting places in South Carolina, but we frequently visit North Carolina, Georgia, and more. Some rides are all-day events, and some are shorter. We take frequent breaks on each ride (about every hour, or sooner).

When are the rides?
There is a ride most every Saturday, year-round. There are some exceptions, of course, but we try to ride every week. The Facebook Group Page has an events tab that contains the details for each ride, including meeting time, etc.

Where do you meet up?
Currently, almost all of our rides start at the QT gas station on South Lake Drive (Hwy 6) and I-20 (925 S Lake Dr, Lexington, SC 29072)

What are the rules of the group or the rides?
Mike will prep the group before take-off each week with any special guidelines and riding instructions. As for the group, just respect everyone, and have fun! Those are the rules!

Do I have to wear a vest or patch?
Not at all!  Completely optional! We hope you will want to be a regular part of the group and represent the group with your apparel, so we do have custom patches available for riders who demonstrate interest and engagement with the group.

Aren’t bikers mean?
Seriously? Stop watching Sons of Anarchy!
You will not meet a nicer, more down-to-earth group of people!

Are helmets required?
We abide by the laws of each state in which we ride. South Carolina does not require helmets, so neither do we. However, surrounding states do. So if we go on a ride that crosses state lines, we require helmets.

Do I have to have a biker name?
Easy there Low Rider! No, you don’t have to. But ride with this group long enough, and we’ll probably give you one! 🙂 Our patched riders proudly wear our “road names”, but we have plenty who just want to ride. Sparkles, Breezy, Rooster, Stormin, Flash, Mama, Sweetie, Dr. Taco, Flame, Mayo, and Bullet are just a few of the folks you might ride with!